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3M Combat Arms Earplugs lawsuit is not against the government or the armed services and does not affect disability benefits.

Dual-Ended Combat Arms Earplugs

Combat Earlugs Lawsuit

Manufactured by 3M and its predecessor, Aearo Technologies, Combat Arms Earplugs model #CAEv2 were meant to provide normal hearing while protecting eardrums from gunfire and explosions.

Manufacturers knew about design problems as early as 2000, when the earplugs failed to pass safety tests. The dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs were found to have defects that decreased their effectiveness in protecting the hearing of soldiers using the plugs.

These special protective earplugs "Designed to meet the unique demands of the Armed Forces", says manufacturer 3M. "The level-dependent technology used in the earplug has been tested and found to be protective up to approximately 190 dBP for outdoor exposures (sufficient to cover most of the weapons in the military inventory.)"

  • Dual-end design
  • Designed to allow user to hear low-level sounds when the yellow side of the earplug is inserted
  • High-impulse noise attenuated quickly
  • Fits most ear canals
  • No batteries required

Government accused the manufacturer of knowing about the defective earplugs and failing to notify the military

Veterans nationwide have suffered total or partial hearing loss and tinnitus associated with 3M Combat Arms earplugs, which were used by the U.S. military in combat zones.

What is a Defect?

The now discontinued model of Dual-Ended Combat Arms™ earplugs was standard issued equipment for soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq between 2003 and 2015. Within 12 years, millions of dollars’ worth of Combat Arms earplugs were distributed to thousands of U.S. troops by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency – who did not know about their defects – putting these men and women at risk for permanent hearing loss or impairment.

"Hearing problems — including tinnitus, which is a ringing, buzzing, or other type of noise that originates in the head — are by far the most prevalent service-connected disability among American Veterans."
US Dept. of Veterans Affairs

The dual-ended combat earplugs were simply too short to be properly inserted into users’ ears. As a result, these earplugs could gradually loosen without the soldier noticing. When the combat earplugs are not firmly in place, it can lead to the following hearing problems for some soldiers:

Combat earplugs lawsuit
  • Full hearing loss
  • Partial hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)


A recent VA study reported that more than 2.6 million veterans are receiving disability compensation for hearing loss and tinnitus.

Do you qualify to file a lawsuit?

3M company agrees to pay $9.1 million to resolve allegations that it supplied the U.S. military with defective combat earplugs

“The Department of Justice is committed to protecting the men and women serving in the United States military from defective products and fraudulent conduct. Government contractors who seek to profit at the expense of our military will face appropriate consequences.”
Assistant Attorney General Chad A. Readler

The settlement announced on July 26, 2018 resolves allegations that 3M violated the False Claims Act by selling defective earplugs to the U.S. military. Specifically, the United States alleged that 3M, and its predecessor, Aearo Technologies, Inc., knew that the CAEv2 earplug model was too short for proper insertion into users’ ears and therefore did not perform well for certain individuals. The United States further alleged that 3M did not disclose this design defect to the military.

Financial compensation may be available through a 3M Combat Arms Earplugs lawsuit for U.S. soldiers who:

  • Were issued earplugs during service
  • Served in a combat zone between 2003-2015
  • Suffer from tinnitus or permanent hearing loss


This 3M Combat Earplugs lawsuit is not against the government or the armed services and does not affect disability benefits. Any lawsuit will be against the manufacturer, 3M.

3M Combat Arms Earplugs Lawsuit Eligibility Check

If you or your family member, who served in combat zones and were issues earplugs by U.S. Military, suffered hearing loss, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

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If you meet the requirements for a Combat Arms earplugs lawsuit, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation, after the lawsuit has been resolved.

Combat earplugs lawsuit
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